WV Wetzel County 197 Acres-LEASED

This 197 acre property is located in Wetzel County in Northern West Virginia. This property has good access being just .6 mile off of Route 250. The property begins approximately 150 yds past the only home on Airport Rd. which is a dead end road and is only about 500 yds. long. The home is on the left side, and the man who lives in the home is Jim. He would be a great resource for information on the property. There is good ATV access through the center of the property along the creek. There are several buildings where the old house used to be. One could possibly be used to camp in but it contains a lot of trash. The other smaller one is the old pump house for the well.

This county has liberal deer regulations, and a decent turkey population.

ATV’s, food plots, and feeders are permited. Maximum 6 hunters.

This property may be subject to a 2.5% annual price increase.

G.P.S. Coordinates are 39.693514, -80.458759 or click on the icon below for coordinates/driving directions to the property line that begins just past the home.

For driving directions or other questions email jack@huntaglease.com




Location of Wetzel County West Virginia











Please note property boundaries are considered approximate. It is the sportsperson’s responsibility to verify property boundaries.





































Lease Pricing-WV:WC-197
Please Note!The Non-Refundable Annual Lease Price Includes The Cost Of Your Required Liability Insurance:
Non-Refundable Deposit To Hold For 7 Days: $250
Non-Refundable Check/Money Order Annual Lease: $2900
Non Refundable Credit/Debit Card Annual Lease: $3016

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