How it Works

Q. I see a property I’m interested in, can I inspect the property before leasing it?

A. Of course! Just click on any property you wish to inspect. In the window that opens fill in your personal information on the written permission for inspection form. Then print the written permission for inspection form, and carry it with you while inspecting the property. The written permission for inspection form will be valid for three (3) calendar days. In some cases, the landowner may require prior notification before inspection. If so, this will be noted in the property description.

Q. Can I use a property for commercial use, or can I sub-license or sub-lease a property?

A. No. There is to be no outfitting, guiding, sub-licensing or sub-leasing of any property. Our goal is to provide DIY hunters an opportunity to experience hunting without the overcrowding experienced on public land.

Q. Is the licensing agreement price per hunter?

A. No. The licensing agreement price listed is the total cost for the entire property for one year for the hunters in your party. You may have any amount of hunters in your party, as long as you do not exceed the maximum number of hunters listed for that property.

Q. Can hunters be added or switched out during the licensing agreement term?

A. Yes. However, they can only be added or switched out before any big game season (including turkey) opens in the area your licensing agreement property is located. Please note all persons on the licensing agreement must have signed the licensing agreement or they cannot hunt.

Q. I’m not sure what “maximum hunters” means.

A. “Maximum hunters” is the total number of hunters allowed in your party for what is stated on any particular licensing agreement property. Your party can have any amount of hunters up to the maximum allowed. Any or all of your party may hunt on a given day. But only the hunters in your party who originally signed the lease may hunt for the entire duration of the licensing agreement term.

Q. When does my licensing agreement term start?

A. It begins the day you remit payment in full. When a deposit is made, it will hold the property for seven (7) calendar days from the day of the deposit. A signed licensing agreement and payment in full (remaining payment in full may be made by credit card or check/money order) must be received before the end of the seven (7) calendar day deposit period. Please note, if payment in full is not received by the end of the seven (7) day period your deposit will be forfeited and that property will be re-listed. Deposit amounts are subject to change at any time.

Q. Are there any other fees?

A-1. Yes. Every member of the lease will be required to have hunter liability insurance.  However the cost of this liability insurance is included in the annual lease price. You will receive a Certificate of Insurance confirming the purchase.

Q. Who do I make payments to?

A. Deposits must be made via the website. Payment in full can be made via the website as well. When payment in full is being made by check or money order it can be mailed to Hunt and Ag Land Leasing of America (See contact info on our website for mailing address). 

Q. Do I have the first right to renew on my licensing agreement property?

A. Yes. There are two (2) requirements.

  • First requirement is, that the landowner agrees to your continuing of the licensing agreement for another year.
  • Second requirement is, that your renewal payment is received fifteen (15) days prior to the expiration of your licensing agreement term.

Q. What does a licensing agreement look like?

A. You can find our licensing agreement on the top right-hand side of this page.

Q. Am I allowed to plant food plots, camp, and ride ATV’s on the property?

A. Each licensing agreement property will have stipulations in it’s description, on whether these activities are allowed or not. It may also state other stipulations.

Q. Are the properties posted with signage in any way to indicate that the hunting rights are leased?

A. Included with every signed licensing agreement there will be two, (2), corrugated plastic signs provided to be installed by the hunters indicating the property is leased. Secondly as an option, additional signs may be purchased from our firm. 

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