OH: Muskingum County 134 Acres – LEASED

Muskingum County hunt lease! This land is literally just over one mile from the southern tip of Zanesville, you will have conveniences such as lodging and eats close by. With a mixture of hardwoods, dense cover and old trails providing good edge this property is a good location for Whitetail. The terrain is not overly steep but there are deepsided ravines that are crossed by the deer to access the fingers between these ravines. These limited number of trails make excellent ambush points.

This property may be subject to a 3% annual increase.

To coordinate and to receive driving directions to the property for the interview with the landowner, email Wayne at wayne@huntaglease.com
Location of Muskingum County Ohio.

For G.P.S. Coordinates or driving directions, click the Google Maps icon below.

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Lease Pricing-OH:MC-134
Lease Price (CREDIT/DEBIT): $4373
Lease Price (CASH): $4205

OH: Muskingum County 134 Acres