OH: Guernsey County 182 Acres- LEASED

This 182 acre property is located in Guernsey County in Southeast Ohio. This county is smack dab in the middle of  Ohio’s sweet spot for trophy whitetails. I personally lived for 60 years and hunted whitetails for 45 years in this area and know it has a  huge potential for producing trophy bucks. The property will be easy to hunt as it is made up of rolling hills and is virtually 90% open woodland. Also a field consisting of a few acres lies along the road as well. An acre or so of open area exists near the center of the property and would make a great location for a food plot. This opening can easily be accessed by an ATV on an existing logging road. There is one section of the property that has some heavier brush for a bedding area. Multiple mast trees were noted.

The population of turkeys is also high in this area with currently both a spring and fall season.

Feeders, food plots, and ATV’s are allowed. Maximum hunters 6.

This property may be subject to an annual price increase of 3%.

G.P.S. coordinates are 39.911775, -81.649241 or click the icon below for coordinates/directions to the pullover in front of the gate on Red Lane.




















For driving directions or questions email wayne@huntaglease.com








Lease Pricing – OH:GC-182
Lease Price: LEASED
Deposit to hold for 7 Days: $250

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OH: Guernsey County - 182 Acres
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