OH:Tuscarawas County 94 Acres-LEASED

LEASED-This 94 acre property is located in Tuscarawas County in East Central Ohio. Access to this property is excellent off Schnieders Crossing Road. This property has not had high traffic or pressure in the past. Don not let the open areas of the aerial fool you!! The fields are currently planted in corn and there are wooded areas adjacent to the fields. There is also a brushy creek bottom and wooded tree lines. This area of Ohio is known for it’s trophy bucks and the deer density is high. You will kill deer here!! 

This property has a high turkey population and the landowner encourages hunters to harvest the turkeys!

Feeders and ATV use for deer retrieval and hanging stands are allowed.

Camping is allowed.

Maximum hunters 5.

This property will be subject to a 3% annual price increase.

For printed driving directions or information on this property email wayne@huntaglease.com


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Lease Pricing-OH:TC-94
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