OH Perry County 180 Acres-LEASED

This premiere 180 acre property is located in Eastern Perry County in Southeast Ohio. This property has it all!! It has a tremendous potential for trophy bucks due to no hunting pressure and the planting of agriculture crops. There is a brush-choked creek bottom that borders Jonathan Creek, and it is dotted with water filled potholes which creates an excellent bedding area. The landowner whose home overlooks the wetland and adjacent agriculture field, can give you details on the trophy bucks he has observed. The huge wetland area was man-made in cooperation with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. This wetland area at times holds hundreds of ducks and geese, creating an unbelievable waterfowl hunting opportunity. This property also attracts lots of turkeys and provides an excellent opportunity to hunt them. 

The landowner, along with another hunter reserves the right to hunt waterfowl 2 or 3 days per season. The landowner is willing to work with lessees on coordinating the days the landowner hunts so as not to interfere with the deer, waterfowl, or turkey hunting of the lessees.

Limited ATV use is permitted for hunting purposes only.

Do to this property being a working farm, the exact parking area for lessees may change and is at the discretion of the landowner.

The landowner may be open to allowing campers on the property.

Maximum hunters 4.

This property may be subject to an annual price increase of 3%.

The landowner requires all prospective lessees to meet with him on the day of their inspection. Prospective lessees must first contact the landowner to coordinate the time of inspection.

G.P.S. coordinates to the parking area at the barn on the property will be provided to serious inquiries.

For the landowners phone number to set up a property inspection, driving directions, or additional property info email wayne@huntaglease.com

Lease Pricing-OH:PC-180
Lease Price: LEASED
Deposit to hold for 7 Days: $250

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