OH Tuscarawas County 110 Acres-LEASED

This 110 acre property is located in Tuscarawas County in East Central Ohio. Access to this property is excellent and can be reached by 2 different points. There is a small section of this property that is to be used for BOWHUNTING ONLY! This area is shaded in blue on the aerial. This bowhunting only area has a separate access point off of Josephine Street. The landowner says deer do frequently travel through this small bowhunting only area. The larger remaining area of the property can be hunted with either gun or bow. There is a separate access point for this gun or bow hunting area which may be reached off of SR 516W. The terrain is made up of gently rolling hills. It contains a nice creek bottom. Currently there are soybean fields that are bordered by wooded fence rows, making for excellent deer travel corridors. There also are 2 wooded areas. This entire property is excellent deer habitat.

This property has a high turkey population and the landowner encourages hunters to harvest the turkeys!

Feeders and ATV use for deer retrieval and hanging stands are allowed.

Camping is not allowed.

Maximum hunters 5.

This property will be subject to a 3% annual price increase.

For printed driving directions or information on this property email wayne@huntaglease.com














For G.P.S Coordinates or driving directions to the bowhunting only parking area on Josephine Street click the Google Maps icon below.





For G.P.S. Coordinates or driving directions to the gun and bowhunting access point off SR 516W click the Google Maps icon below.




Gallery for gun and  bowhunting area.

Gallery for bowhunting only area.




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