OH Morgan County 81 Acres – LEASED

This 81 acre property is located in Morgan County in Southeast Ohio. This property has easy access where it borders a dirt road. This property is located in Ohio’s premiere trophy buck area. The turkey population is excellent in this area as well. This property is completely wooded except for a power line right of way. The understory on this property is very thick and will act as a security and bedding area. The terrain is not overly steep but there are deep-sided ravines that are crossed by the deer to access the fingers between these ravines. These limited number of trails make excellent ambush points.

Food plots could be planted along the edge of the power line right of way.

Feeders, food plots and ATV use is allowed for accessing  deer and hanging stands.

Maximum Hunters 4.

This property will incur an annual price increase of 3%.

G.P.S. Coordinates to the parking area along Taylor Hollow Rd. are, 39.608325, -81.794935.

For driving directions or information on this property email, wayne@huntaglease.com

















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