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This 332 acre Quality Deer Management property is located in Meigs County Ohio in extreme Southeast OH. This property has everything. I have to say that the pictures and this description cannot begin to cover the trophy potential and huntability of this property. The owner has maintained extensive trails for access to all areas of the property.

The only way to fully grasp the value of this property is to be shown everything by the owner. Anyone wishing to inspect the property must coordinate the inspection so the landowner can be there. If you are  interested we will provide you his contact info so that you may set that up.

The owner is a great guy that is willing to help in any way, including maintaining the food plot, trail maintenance etc. The owner has intimate knowledge of this property and that will help you realize it’s full potential.

All stands and feeders will remain in place for your use.

As you browse the harvested buck pictures below, many of the deer were taken over a number of years. This attests to the ongoing potential of the property, more so than 1 or 2 pictures would from a single past season. For trail cam pictures be sure to open the 2nd page of the harvested deer pictures album below.   

Since 2006 this property has been a QDM property. What also adds to the value of any property is what is surrounding it. All the surrounding properties are also QDM properties. This creates a total QDM area of more than 2,000 acres. And this property is in the middle of it all. One of the largest surrounding properties is owned and managed for  the sole purpose of QDM.

The owner has done a super job in setting this property up for deer hunting. He has left 2 sanctuaries on the property that he never enters and which he does not want entered. Around these sanctuaries he has then set up feeders and stands to take full advantage of prevailing winds as bucks exit these sanctuaries.

He has planted a beautiful food plot with strategically placed stands around it as well. There are some other fields that are baled for hay by a nearby farmer, and upon my inspection several deer were seen feeding in these fields at 1:30 in the afternoon. The fields all have points and fingers of trees and brush in them. I lost track of the number of deer I saw while inspecting the property. Also I saw more rubs on this property than I have ever seen. Two of the rubs are on the largest trees I have ever seen. Pictures of these trees are on the 4th and 5th pages of the “Property Pictures” album below.

This property has also been strip mined before mines were required to reclaim all the land. The owner has placed stands to take advantage of the prevailing winds to hunt the funnels created by the highwalls left after the mining.

There are mineral licks near some of the stands that the owner created. The deer have pawed out huge deep areas at these sites.

The ponds left over from the mining have also created funnels and pinch points, and stands have been placed strategically along these as well.

Several of the ponds have crappie, largemouth, catfish and bluegills in them. You are welcome to fish, but it is catch and release only.

If you enjoy waterfowling these ponds hold huge amounts of woodies, geese, and other waterfowl in the fall.

One section of the property has apple trees. He has pruned the trees to increase their production. Stands and feeders are placed strategically around the apple trees as well.

All the wooded areas of the property has abundant mast trees and there are some persimmon trees.

There is a tremendous amount of turkeys on this property, and I saw their sign  everywhere. Check out the deer pictures for the white, possibly albino hen turkey.

The remoteness of this property and no nearby hotels or restaurants is not a problem because of the cabin you will be staying in. There is a porch that runs the full length of the cabin. This cabin has city water and electric. It is completely furnished. It has all kitchen appliances, pots, pans, dishes and silverware. It has a washer and dryer. It has 2 beds and 3 pull out sofas for sleeping. It has a tv and Directv. The cabin has an attached high roofed structure that you can use to park your vehicles out of the weather, and to hang your deer. There is an entrance door to the cabin from this attached structure. All you need is to bring your food. AND HUNT!

There is a 2 bay garage across the road from the cabin that can be used for parking your ATV’s etc. One bay will likely be used to house the equipment the owner uses to maintain the trails and food plot. The rest of the garage you may use as space allows.

Limited ATV use only on the established trails is permitted. No driving across the fields.

Maximum number of hunters is 6.

Driving directions and G.P.S. Coordinates to the cabin will be provided once an inspection is coordinated with the owner.

For more info email craig@huntaglease.com


Location of Meigs County Ohio



Please note property boundaries are considered approximate. It is the sportsperson’s responsibility to verify property boundaries. The owner will advise of property boundaries, and the location of the deer sanctuaries.


Picture gallery of harvested bucks from this property


Pictures of the cabin.


Property Pictures. Please note there are 5 pages of property pictures.









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Non-Refundable Check/Money Order Annual Lease: $13430
Non Refundable Credit/Debit Card Annual Lease: $13967

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